The Advantages of Double-Pane Replacement Windows

Many people have decided to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency by installing replacement windows. Replacements are available in many different styles, shapes and materials. The most beneficial and economical are windows with double-pane glass, or Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) windows.

Today’s replacement windows with multiple panes can significantly increase the insulation value of your home when compared to old-fashioned single pane windows. With double pane windows, there is a barrier or either dead air or gas between the glass panes. This small void can provide a protective shield against solar heat. In fact, double paned options can block out an extra 90% of solar heat, helping to keep your home cool in the summer months.

The space between the panes of glass in a double pane replacement window maintains a constant, neutral temperature. This means air from the outside will not affect the temperature inside. Conversely, your temperature inside will stay constant, as it will not be able to leak out through the window glass. You will notice an immediate reduction in the overall cost of your energy bills, due to the high insulation factor of new replacement windows.
Privacy and noise reduction are another advantage of owning double Glass pane replacement windows. Sound waves have a much tougher time traveling through the dead space between the windowpanes. This will keep outside noises quieter and the noises from inside your home less likely to be heard outdoors.

You may notice that virtually all new home construction includes the installation of double pane windows. This is because it has been proven that these are of a much higher quality and energy efficiency than single pane glass. When properly manufactured, these windows will not condensate. Condensation and excess moisture can lead to mold growth and mildew, as well as wood rot. Single pane options regularly “sweat”, especially when there is a high variation between outdoor and indoor temperatures.

A major benefit to installing new replacement windows is that they are customizable and simple to open, giving you easy access to fresh air no matter what shape or size the opening may be. Because of their ease of use, replacements can be cleaned with very little hassle.

It is important that you make comparisons when shopping for your new replacement windows. There are many manufacturers who claim that their brand is the most efficient and affordable. Be certain to check insulation values against the cost of the window. In many cases, the cheapest of window will not be very efficient. You will also need to decide on the material used for the replacement windows. The most economically friendly and cost efficient material is vinyl. Vinyl replacements have been manufactured with energy efficiency and aesthetic beauty in mind. A more classic or traditional look can be achieved with wooden replacements, however these styles are usually more expensive than vinyl.

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