Orthopedic Pillows – Therapy For Your Entire Body

What are Orthopedic Pillows?

An orthopedic pillow is just a help that’s designed to alleviate ache or stress on some portion of your physique or your complete physique. Merely put they have to present some form of therapeutic worth to be labeled orthopedic.
Not like common foam or feather sleeping pillows, they’re created from supplies which might be much less simply crushed and reshaped by easy use. Some are even crammed with water. They arrive in quite a lot of shapes, wedges, horseshoes, doughnut, and even some appear to be the higher portion of a chair. The form depends upon what a part of the physique they’re made to assist.


Cervical or contour pillows are designed to adapt to the top neck and shoulders offering help for these areas and serving to to alleviate neck ache, complications, and frozen shoulders.

They normally are available two types. The wedge which begins slim on the backside and is wider on the high. It offers help for the neck and head, and elevates the highest of the physique barely making respiration simpler.

The second of those Contoured Cervical Orthopedic Pillow head helps is both round trying a bit like a doughnut or longer. Each variations have an indention for the top and a barely raised space that helps the neck.

These orthopedic helps are particularly useful for individuals who undergo from power neck ache and want the additional help that the raised half lends to the neck.


Journey pillows are horseshoe in form and are designed to maintain the neck straight when sleeping in an upright place, resembling when touring by automotive or bus. They’re thought of ‘orthopedic’ as a result of they help the neck, retaining it from falling to the facet, and thus stopping potential harm to comfortable tissue of the neck.


They’re designed to offer help to the decrease lumbar area of the again. They’re usually wedged formed and will be designed to help simply the decrease again or the your complete again.

Studying pillows are specifically designed to help the again whereas sitting up in mattress. They relieve pressure on the again whereas studying or watching tv in mattress.


They arrive in two primary shapes. The primary is an hourglass or bone formed orthopedic knee help which you can place between your knees whereas sleeping in your facet and helps maintain the physique correctly aligned.

The second sort of knee pillow appears to be like a bit like a ramp and is designed to maintain the legs elevated thus bettering the circulation of blood within the physique. Folks affected by edema discover that this sort reduces ankle and toes swelling.


They’re designed to offer help to your complete physique, notably the neck, decrease again and shoulders. They normally conform to your our bodies form which permits help for the indented elements of the physique which might be almost certainly to undergo pressure whereas sleeping.

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