Football Defense – The Basics of Tackling

Starting with the Basics

Tackling is the foundation of football defense. Beginning players might be intimidated by the aggression needed for effective tackling. However, if you coach with safety in mind and follow these steps, your defense will feel comfortable going for the tackle.

A good tackle requires agility, momentum, and proper technique and will result in the ball carrier — even if he’s bigger and stronger than the defensive player — on the ground. Key coaching tips when covering tacking include:

  • Lead with the shoulders and chest, not the arms and hands
  • Don’t just wrap up the target player, lunge through him
  • Use proper technique to take down the ball carrier without injuries

Steps to Effective Tackling

Coaches should tell their defensive players the following steps as a guide to a safe and successful tackle:

  1. Identify your opponent and position your body so that he is in front of you.
  2. Assume the proper position, with your knees bent, your hips low, your back flat, and your head up.
  3. Run toward the ball carrier at top speed. Keeping your head up, aim your face mask at his inside shoulder.
  4. Position yourself so that your head is across the target’s body. For instance, if the ball carrier is running to your left, make sure when you tackle his body is positioned to the right of your head. This will prevent him from falling forward and gaining yardage. However, as you complete the tackle, remember to lead with your shoulder, not your head. Even with a helmet, head injury can occur.
  5. When your shoulder pads make contact with the ball carrier, wrap your arms around his waist or thighs. Pull him toward you so that he comes off his feet as you extend through him. This positioning makes it less likely for your tackle to break.
  6. Push with your feet, leaning forward into the ball carrier and driving through your legs.
  7. If you are completing the tackle alone, attempt to cause a fumble by pushing at the ball with your face mask or a free hand. If another player joins the tackle, he should try to access the ball. Keep driving through the ball carrier until he is down and the whistle is blown.
  8. Once you have both safely gotten up from the tackle, give the ball carrier a spirited tap or pat for good sportsmanship before returning to your team สเต็ปบอล.

While tackling may be the cornerstone of football defense, it is only effective with proper technique. Maintain tackling skills by regularly practicing through drills and scrimmages.

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